Online Courses

Vicki’s offers several online courses including: Taming Triggers Solution7 Steps for Creating Calm in the Storm for Partners of Sex Addicts and Survivors of Infidelity, Moving Beyond Betrayal Partner’s Boundaries Course and Moving Beyond Betrayal Course for Clinicians & Coaches.

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Intensives & Workshops

A well-timed workshop or intensive can ignite your recovery, download a wealth of information in a fraction of the time it would take in individual therapy, and create a lasting shift in perspective. I offer one-day workshops and multi-day intensives on a variety of topics.

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Group Therapy

I often tell clients that group psychotherapy is individual psychotherapy on steroids. Working on issues in a group setting has several advantages.  When you talk about your struggles and successes with a group of people, you discover that your situation isn’t unique. You get the added benefit of hearing more perspectives, other options for dealing with life’s challenges, and more support. I run several ongoing groups for relationship issues, couples communication, and addiction recovery.

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