Family of origin work will kickstart your healing process, break through blocks in your recovery, or fill in the missing piece that’s been holding you back.

Here are just a few of the results clients report — and that you may experience — from a Reclaiming Wholeness Intensive:

  • Long-term sobriety after years of struggling and/or relapsing
  • Better boundaries in all areas of your life
  • The ability to establish new, healthier relationships or re-create a healthier version of a current relationship
  • Greater hope and optimism about your future
  • Reduction of debilitating and toxic levels of shame
  • If you're a parent — a deeper connection with your children (including adult children) and more confidence in your ability to parent and stop the cycle of dysfunction and abuse in your family

You will release and heal childhood wounds so that you can step into the life you’re meant to live — unburdened by what is unexamined and unresolved in your past.

Now is the right time for Reclaiming Wholeness if:

  • You’ve struggled to maintain sobriety in recovery despite good intentions and effort
  • You repeatedly find yourself in relationships or situations that are unhealthy, dysfunctional, or abusive
  • You have recently completed a residential treatment program or intensive out-patient program (IOP)
  • You don't want to pass down a family legacy of abuse, dysfunction, or addiction
  • You’re repeating behaviors or relationship patterns that are familiar from childhood

Reclaiming Wholeness will help you accomplish in 4 days what could easily take years to accomplish in individual psychotherapy.

It's really that powerful.

The Details:

Reclaiming Wholeness intensives offer a level individualized attention unmatched by other programs of its kind:

  • Each intensive is limited to 4 participants (most programs average 5-7 participants).
  • Intensives are gender-specific — women's and men's workshops held separately — to address their unique experiences and needs, and to create a safe, comfortable space in which to do this deep work.
  • Each intensive includes a follow-up individual tele-session with Vicki.
  • If you are currently in therapy with another individual therapist, Vicki consults with your therapist both before and after the intensive so that the work is tailored to your personal story and facilitates your ongoing treatment after the workshop.

Early registration is encouraged.

The framework for Reclaiming Wholeness is based on Pia Mellody's Post Induction Therapy model, offered under the name Survivors I at The Meadows treatment center in Wickenburg, Arizona. Pia Mellody is the author of Facing Codependence, Facing Loving Addictionand The Intimacy Factor, and is a pioneer in the treatment of childhood trauma, codependence, and addiction.

2017 Intensive Dates

For Women
  • March 23-26 (Completed)
  • June 22-25 (full with waiting list)
  • August 10-13 (only 1 space available — click Schedule a Discovery Call below to register)
  • November 30 - December 3
For Men
  • February 9-12 (Completed)
  • October 5-8

Ready to register, or find out if a Reclaiming Wholeness Intensive is right for you?

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